Lesson Plan - World War II - Leaders in the News Illustration

World War II Leaders in the News
Lesson Plan

Directions for Teachers: Preface this lesson with a review on how to write a biography. Divide your students into 7 groups. Assign one country below to each group. Some groups will have more than one leader to research, based on the country assigned. You will need to give your students information or a place to get the information they need to research their assigned topic. (You may wish to follow this lesson with the lesson World War II - Headlines in the News.)

Directions to Students: Working in groups, use the links and search engine provided (or another search engine of your choice) to find the information you need to write a short biography of the leader or leaders assigned to your group. Include a statement about how each leader helped or hindered his country. Create a poster that illustrates and supports your statement(s). Be prepared to present each biography and accompanying and position statement to the class.

Benito Mussolini - Italy

Adolf Hitler - Germany

Hideki Tojo - Japan (prime minister)

Emperor Hirohito - Japan (emperor)

Winston Churchill - Great Britain

Franklin Roosevelt - United States

Harry Truman - United States

Josef Stalin - Soviet Union

Jiang Jie Shi (Chiang-Kai-shek) - China